Live Music

Live Music

*Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, please note that all of the below dates are tentative and are subject to change.*

Come spend your weekends with us at Indian Creek Steakhouse and enjoy dinner and live music from local bands! Starting November 1st, all bands play from 9-12pm. See below for upcoming shows:

March 27 Jesse Dayne & Sagebrush Drafters
March 28 Reckless Amnesia

April 3 Braveheart
April 4 Casey Sheldon
April 10 Tyler & the Train Robbers
April 11 Marcos Dominguez
April 17 Jesse Dayne & Sagebrush Drafters
April 18 Gen Saints
April 24 Daze Nudo
April 25 James Gang

May 1 Braveheart
May 2 Trilogy
May 8 Barton & Boular
May 9 Dustin Leigh & The Claim Jumpers
May 15 TBD
May 16 Generator Saints
May 22 Mississippi Marshal
May 23 Dave Nudo
May 29 Encore
May 30 Royal Bliss